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This list is going to stay relatively short for a long time.

  • does NOT store any account information sent to it. The only exception are skins/capes which are kept for 5 minutes, because Mojang has a 1 minute fetch timer per client on their skin servers.
  • will NOT track users at all. If you find anything that is tracking you on the site, contact me ASAP.
  • is hosted via a third party. This third party might attempt to track site visits internally. This is something I cannot do anything about.
  • A skin and cape API compatible with old versions of minecraft.
  • A sound API that is compatible with old versions of minecraft.
  • An archive of everything sent to me (calmilamsy) for archival.
  • User upload areas. Contact me if you are interested in an area.
  • A modpack repo.
  • A mod repo. (WIP)
  • A texturepack builder and repo. (WIP)
  • A theme repo. (WIP)
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