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This is going to end up being a semi-long list by the time I'm done.
This list is based off of the current list from the version in development.

  • Does not store anything about your account aside from your username.
  • Does not send login credentials anywhere aside to
  • Launches Minecraft
  • Has an instancing system somewhat similar to MultiMC.
  • Has basic discord rich presence integration.
  • Is open source.
  • Fixed login.
  • A locally ran intercepting http proxy system to fix skins, sounds and capes. Uses the skin, cape and sound APIs.
  • Completely themable per instance.
  • A modpack repo to easily install modpacks.
  • Completely overrides %appdata% (or system equivalent) and forces ALL files created to the instance where possible. This fixes some mods reading from the default Minecraft folder.
  • Has an extended options panel.
  • Looks similar to the old beta launcher.
  • Modpack installation from partial jars.
  • Automatic sound download for missing sounds on installation of instance.
  • Automatic LWJGL download if missing.
  • MultiMC instance support.
  • Modpack export utility.
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